Extreme Makeover: Résumé Edition

 Like the popular TV show which tears homes down to their foundations and then rebuilds them to be better, stronger, and far more appealing to the eye, so our seminar does for the résumés of each of you who attend this 1/2 day seminar. In just a few short hours you will be amazed at the results that can come from some concentrated effort to makeover both your oral and written résumés.

Our résumé coaches will give you lots of individual help and assistance throughout this seminar. We will devote time to helping you define your objectives and then clearly stating the needed elements in your résumé to gain the interest of the hiring manager and greatly increase the chances for getting the interview.

And as an added Bonus, all participants will be invited to a FREE follow-up review with Fred within 2 weeks following the seminar.

What you will Learn

In this seminar, taught by Fred Gehring and several of the leadership members of Career Workshops, Inc., you will:

- Get One-on-One Assistance from the Experts
- Learn the Secrets to Successfully Presenting “YOU”
- Build Your New Written Résumé with Confidence
- Develop an Outline of Your “2-Minute Drill” Oral Résumé

What Others are Saying about Extreme Makeover: Résumé Edition...

 “It was the best concentrated information on résumés one could hope to receive in less than 4 hours. In a "similar" session by another company, I paid $1,500 and didn't receive the quality product that I got today. The cost was a real bargain.” – Larry Roachelle

“The seminar was encouraging, informative, and a superior value. The tools and skills I have learned will prove invaluable in my career search.” – Astede Utley

“The Résumés Makeover was great! It helped me understand what I needed to say and how to write a résumé - I hadn't a clue. Thank you for helping me.” – Rebecca Harris

"My job search was going very slow and I suspected my résumé. After taking the résumé makeover things changed immediately. Many thanks!" -- Ralph Thompson

"I have struggled with my 2-Minute Drill and finally leave here with a good draft as a result of the practice sheet and stepping through the process. Thank you! ” – Bonnie Dangel