Creating a YOUnique Life: Aligning Success with Values


Career Success ... achieving career goals and lifelong dreams.

Learn how to recession-proof your career; move forward from previous career failures or disappointments; and learn how to achieve your career dreams, regardless of the past or current circumstances. This is a $149 value for only $50. But there's more ...

Seminar Description:

 Do you want to know how to succeed in a job market where many are suffering through layoffs, downsizing and trying to make ends meet? Do you truly desire to be a success and achieve your career dreams? If the answer is "yes" to either of these questions, you will gain a winning edge by applying the time-tested principles for career success shared by an expert with a 30-year success record.

In this internationally acclaimed workshop, David Rawles will share secrets learned over three decades with the Walt Disney Corporation and GTE Directories Corporation.


"If you can dream it, you can do it." -- Walt Disney, 1901-1966

Workshop Benefits

As a participant, you will:

- Begin to clarify the definition of your ultimate dream career.
- Significantly influence your own career and the careers of others.
- Achieve career goals regardless of the economy.
- Avoid downsizing and stagnation at your current job.
- Learn tools to build a roadmap for a successful career.
- Learn new approaches to consider for managing your success.
- Discover how to use failure as a springboard to new beginnings.

Is This Workshop Worth Your Time?

Do you spend the majority of your time thinking about the past or the present? Learn how to balance your attention between present and future objectives. What is your definition of "success" and how do you recognize when you are on the right track or the wrong one? Have you ever failed? How did that affect your confidence and the grand plans you had for success? If you couldn't fail, what would you choose to do as a career? Learn what true success is, how to avoid the pitfalls of failure and how to respond when failure strikes. Learn how to achieve the success you desire while leading a life of significance. See what it takes to achieve true balance in your life and still arrive at your success destination.

Do you sometimes wonder if you can retire when you had hoped? Learn first hand from David Rawles secrets to realizing a successful career and a successful retirement. David retired from GTE after 26 years and has moved on to his next career objective, helping others achieve their own success.

Many authors have written about keys to success. David has lived them. Many experts can tell you what you need to do, like networking. David tells you "how" as he shares many of his "Career Success Factors." These factors can make a tremendous difference in your career and your life. You can put these factors to work immediately!

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear the secrets that David has been asked to present all over the world. You will leave with great value you can use the rest of your life!

What others are saying...

 "I attended Creating a YOUnique Life. I learned several tools during this lively seminar but also understood some of the things that I was doing right. I now know the areas I need to continue working harder and the areas I need to deemphasize in my career to keep it moving forward. I also learned there were some bad habits I had acquired that needed to be dumped immediately. In my opinion, this seminar is under-valued at $50. I would have paid far more than that but I’m grateful you have kept the cost down so that it is affordable to everyone. God bless your ministry and every single person that attends a seminar or workshop offered by CAREERSOLUTIONS." --Kevin D. Love, Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"Your seminar was truly a blessing and I am glad that I made the trip." --Neina Kennedy

“I just wanted to tell you how fantastic this seminar was! The biggest take-away is how to find that optimal balance between work, family, friends and fun that many of us struggle with on a day-to-day basis.” --Chuck Blume