Behavioral Interviewing: Skill Development

The seminar includes a brief overview of interviewing concepts but quickly dives into the behavioral interviewing process and why companies pursue it as a candidate selection method; the framework to use in responding to the questions; and various strategies for the job seekers to use in their responses. The remainder of the seminar is devoted to interactive practicing with the participants. This interaction makes each session unique and provides an encouraging environment for the group to develop skills together.

What happens in the Seminar...

• Learn how Behavioral Interviewing is used in hiring.
• Develop your own unique stories that sell you!
• Gain confidence by preparing for tough questions.
• Grow your skills practicing in a supportive setting.
• Focus your search based on your strengths!

What Others are Saying about Behavioral Interviewing: Skill Development ...

 “One of the best seminars ever. I strongly recommend attending. It gave me a powerful perspective & plan to prepare for behavioral interviews.”” -- Eileen P.

“This seminar was masterfully facilitated; the content was engaging AND fun! It helped me develop a confident foundation for behavioral interviewing success. I can immediately use these new skills during my career transition.”” -- Kelly M