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Job Seeker Boot Camp

     … at your church?

              … for FREE?

… a model for “outreach”

… a manifestation of “inreach”

… a visible “mission” to the hurting

“…not love with words …

            but with actions …”1 John 3:17,18


"Pastor, I lost my job. Can you help me?"

  • Can you answer that question with confidence?
  • Do people in your church understand how to discern God's calling for their work?


  • Is it possible to significantly improve both your in-reach and outreach efforts by utilizing a proven ministry to assist job seekers without any substantial cost to the church?


If the answer to any of these questions is "no", consider a partnership with CAREERSOLUTIONS. We have everything you need to get started, to raise support, to recruit volunteers, and to implement, promote, and operate a successful job transition ministry.


To discuss the possibilities and alternatives, contact president and founder of this ministry, David Rawles, today. His phone number is 817-312-4503 or email him at  



Live Radio Program

Three days a week we are "On the Air" with our dynamic radio show, CAREERSOLUTIONS with David Rawles.

Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:30pm (Central Time), you can listen to our program streaming live on your computer at


KDKR Radio

This lively, half-hour program showcases a different career transition topic each day. We will often showcase an interesting guest to explore your career issues.