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Week 9 - Interviewing 301 and 401


    “He who answers before listening - that is folly and his shame.” Proverbs 18:13


    This session on interviewing will further prepare one for the questions that will be asked in the interview and for the questions that need to be asked of the interviewer.

    How one answers those first few questions can determine the direction during the interview. It takes preparation, including research and rehearsal and prayer. Based on one’s background and 2-Minute Drill, one can predict many of interviewer’s questions.

    The next vital preparation deals with having the appropriate questions to ask the interviewer. Your questions can indicate your motivations and interest. Interviewers are often favorably impressed with your preparation. One prepares by gathering information.

    - What questions should one expect?
    - What questions may I ask of the interviewer?
    - How do I research before the interview?


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“The LORD said to Cain, ‘Where is your brother Abel?’ ‘I don’t know,’ he replied. ‘Am I my brothers keeper?’” Genesis 4:9


“The king said to me, ‘What is it you want?’ Then I prayed to the God of Heaven and I answered the king…” Nehemiah 2:4,5


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