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Week 5 - Tale of Two Resumés


    Having two résumés … that doesn’t seem necessary, but it absolutely is to get that next best career job.  And each is equally important.

    The oral résumé is used to super-charge your interviews and it engages more networking help than any other thing you can use.  It has a simple structure, but packs a powerful punch.

    The written résumé can be developed using several different styles, but the résumés having success have a few things in common and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

    Learn the steps to develop both of these résumés so you have a dynamite one-two knockout punch! 


    - How do employers screen résumés?
    - What if one’s written résumé is longer than two pages?
    - How are cover letters developed for each résumé?
    - Why would you need an oral résumé if you have a good written résumé?


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Job Fair Tips

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