The Saturday Seminars

  • "Creating a YOUnique Life"

    This half-day seminar teaches career success strategies and tactics such as evaluating personal career paths, using vocational tests to evaluate career direction, evaluating personal priorities, continued learning, and necessary disciplines to achieve career and life success. This seminar is for EMPLOYED and UNEMPLOYED, success-minded individuals. more info...

    Next Seminar: April 27th, 8am-12:00
    Cost: $50 - You must register online to attend

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  • "Behavioral Interviewing: Skill Development"

    This four-hour seminar reviews the fundamentals of effective interviewing; followed by “winning” answers to questions which enable you to set yourself above the competition. Many specific examples will be shared while opportunities for practice will be provided. You will receive helpful and encouraging feedback.

    Special Offer: : Your spouse may attend the Behavioral Interviewing: Skill Development seminar free with your paid registration. more info...

    Next Seminar: May 18th, 8am-12:00
    Cost: $50 - You must register online to attend

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  • "Extreme Makeover: Résumé Edition"

    This half-day seminar is a hands-on experience where participants work with experts to personally and radically revise both the oral and written résumés so interviews will result.  Participants will leave having taken a giant leap forward to getting the résumés they need to conduct a successful career transition. This seminar is for anyone who really wants a résumé that is State-of-the-Art.  more info...

    Next Seminar: March 9th, 8am-12:00
    Cost: $50 - You must register online to attend

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  • "Employability with a Background"

    This one hour seminar teaches concerning overcoming employment barriers. Effectively answer the question regarding your background on an employment application and in interviews. Open doors to your next job with an Employability Report! more info...

    Next Seminar: April 27th, 6:00-7:00 pm
    Advance registration required
    by calling 682-302-1543 (9am-5pm)

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CAREERSOLUTIONS Saturday Seminars are offered every three to four weeks on a rotating basis, with each specific seminar being offered four times a year. These Saturday Seminars, usually a half-day in length, are available for you to delve deeper into specific subject areas, each one aimed at helping you manage a successful career and life.


Each seminar is presented by a subject-matter expert who displays a wonderful ability to present the material in a pleasant and understandable way.


Registration and payment information is available by following the links provided.


Each seminar requires a small donation which covers the cost of materials and helps fund the ministry. If you attend any of these sessions and believe you did not receive significant value, your money will be cheerfully refunded upon request. That’s part of our “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.”


All Seminars are Located at

First Euless Church, Euless, Tx

Room 115

1000 W. Airport Fwy

Euless, TX 76039

Host a Seminar

Each half-day seminar can be offered at your church


Creating a YOUnique Life


Behavioral Interviews: Principles and Preparation


Extreme Makeover: Résumé Edition

Churches may wish to sponsor one of these seminars and provide the meeting and Audio/Video. With minimum levels of promotion provided by the church, revenue will be shared with the sponsoring church.

Churches wishing to host any of these seminars at their facility need to contact:


David Rawles, President of CAREERWORKSHOPS, INC.


Phone: 817-312-4503