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David Rawles' Job Fair Tips

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Many who attend job fairs lament about the disappointing experiences they encounter. Most people attend job fairs with the wrong objectives: to interview and to land a job. That may often lead to disappointment.


Try attending your next job fair with the following set of objectives in mind: to network, to find out which employers are hiring and how their hiring process works; to connect with other job seekers so as to learn about leads they have discovered; to learn what hiring authorities and recruiters value in their candidates. Think of job fairs as a very efficient location to gather information from perhaps several dozen possible employers.

Make The Most Out of Your Job Fair Experience

Job Fair success lies in effective preparation, and communication. Make sure to research the employers you want to visit: learn about them, the positions they're looking to fill, and what type of candidates they're looking for. Review the tips below by David Rawles, Founder of CAREERSOLUTIONS, Inc.

Tip #1: Arrive with a Target Job and Positive Attitude

Arrive early and have your 30-second and two-minute drill rehearsed and ready

Tip #2: Bring at Least 20 Copies of your Resume

Fact: Employers only look at resumes an average of 10 seconds. Make sure you’re leaving employers with the impression - Hire Me! CAREERSOLUTIONS Workshops will help you bring your resume to the next level.

Tip #3: Do your Research!

The more you know about a company, the more you can converse with the company representative and the more memorable you will be.

Tip #4: Get the Interviewer's Business Card

If you are called for an interview, you will want to follow up with a letter that reinforces the points you made and the facts you learned. Bring your own business cards - it says you're a professional. Be prepared for our job fair by ordering "FREE" business cards NOW!

Tip #5: Maximize, Maximize, Maximize!

The lines might be daunting but don't fail to maximize this opportunity. Connect with other job seekers in line to learn about other leads they have discovered. Talk to every company that fits your experience and ambitions. If you meet with 20 recruiters, at the end of the day you will know 20 people by name. That sure beats sending a blind resume to "Personnel Director."

Tip #6: Plan a Few Key Questions and Take Good Notes!

Be ready to ask intelligent questions like asking hiring authorities and recruiters value in their candidates, how your skills might be utilized within the framework of the company and by asking questions about relevant news within that organization. Make sure to ask the recruiter what he or she likes best about the corporate culture to better assess if that company is right for you.

Tip #7: Wear Proper Business Attire

This says you're serious about the job search. First impressions count!



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